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Lane's End Farm

A site overhaul focusing on improving mare submissions, site activity on stud pages, and leading to more total revenue for Lane’s End Farm. Redesigning allowed us to also improve the look and feel of a premium horse farm with internationally renowned results.

Project Role:
Visual Design
Front-End Development
Visit Site
/// Objective

How might we enrich the decision-making process of selecting premiere stallions and mares?

Lane's End Farm in Kentucky, is a premium horse farm since 1979. Their goal being to help their client achieve their breeding, sales and racing goals in the industry.

Let the experts tell the story.

Customer research for the Lane’s End Farm Redesign ranged from prospective breeders, and experienced high-end horse farm owners in the industry. We let this feedback guide our design direction and information hierarchy throughout the design and build.

Simplify, simplify, simplify.

Users coming to Lane's End often have a very specific set of expectations and a mental model of what Lane's End Farm represents in the horse racing industry. Because of this, we needed to focus in on presenting a clear, decluttered architecture and hierarchy that allows a user to clearly and directly navigate to specific offerings.

Blending brand value in the user journeys.

Working closely with a Creative Director, we worked together to build a luxurious, clean, and purposeful experience. We wanted users coming to the site, to feel a professionalism unmatched in the industry.

Putting on the development hat.

Given the small team alloted to work on this project, I worked closely with Project Management, and the Backend Development team to take responsibility of the front-end development. This allowed us to refine and create a unique experience to stand out amongst other industry competitors.