I'm Ken, Pittsburgh-based product designer & illustrator.

Work History


4yrs 11mo+
Manager, UX Design – Current Role
1yr 9mo+
Senior Product Designer
1yr 9mo
Product Designer
1yr 6mo


3yr 11mo
Associate Art Director
Interactive Designer
3yr 3mo

Oculus Studios

Graphic Designer

Silvey + Huffaker Creative

Graphic Designer

Some Experiences I've Gathered


Helping Build a 2-Sided Marketplace

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2020 - 2024+

Learning to Love Design Systems & DesignOps

View Case Study

Becoming a Unicorn at a Horse Farm

View Case Study

Passion drives my approach, and my strengths help create real & meaningful impact.

Problem Finder

While breakdowns often demotivate others, they can excite and energize me. When something does not work as it should, I jump at the opportunity to analyze the symptoms, identify what’s wrong and find a solution. In a team, people know me as someone who does not shy away from a challenge, but instead actually strives to get at the root of a problem.

Player Coach

I believe that everybody has the potential for development. No-one has ever reached the ultimate level of excellence — there is always room for growth. It is my personal mission to help others realize and use their potential to experience success. As a leader, I truly care about the development of my team members.

Peace Keeper

Conflict divides us, we need to find areas of agreement in order to move forward. I always seek common ground with others, even if I must sacrifice my own opinions for the sake of balance and harmony. Also, I have a strong sense of forgiveness. My peace keeping strength helps my teams sail smoothly along and mitigate any conflicts as I search for win-win solutions for all those on board.
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